10 Reasons Activated Charcoal Should Be In Every Home

Activated charcoal is made from coal, wood and other material. It becomes “activated” when producers combine high temperature with an activating agent that expands its surface.

Egyptians and Sumerians produced charcoal to reduce copper, zinc and tin ores in the production of bronze. Egyptians also found that it can be used as preservative to protect wood.

Charcoal was first used for medicinal purposes 1500 BC. It was used to absorb unpleasant odors from putrefying wounds. Hippocrates used it to treat ailments such as vertigo, anthrax, chlorosis, and epilepsy.

In 1830, a professor took a lethal dose of strychnine in front at the French Academy of Medicine and survived because he took activated charcoal, too.

10 uses of activated charcoal

1. Antidote

This is its most common use. Activated charcoal traps chemicals and toxins in its pores. It doesn’t absorb toxins, and works through a chemical process known as adsorption. Activated charcoal reduces poisonous substances by 60%, and is more effective than stomach pumping.

Its surface has a negative electric charge which is why positive charged toxins and gas bond with it. keep in mind that this isn’t the same charcoal you use in your barbecue grill. According to FDA, it’s safe and effective in cases of toxic poisoning. An 1981 study found that it lowers the amount of gas produced by beans and other foods.

2. Gas and bloating

Activated charcoal relieves gas, bloating and other stomach discomforts. Use it with non-acidic juice, preferably in capsule or tablet form. The recommended dose is two capsules in between meals. Take 500 milligrams an hour before your gas-producing meal and drink at least 12 ounces of water. Drink another glass of water right away to bring it straight into your body.

3. Tooth stains

Activated charcoal absorbs plaque and microscopic compounds. It prevents gum disease, bad breath and cavities due to its ability to balance pH values in your mouth.

Combine it with some water, and brush your teeth. You can also combine it with your regular natural toothpaste. Let it work for 3 minutes and rinse.

Activated charcoal doesn’t remove natural discolorations.

4. Hangover

Activated charcoal removes all the artificial sweeteners, chemicals and other ingredients added to alcohol which helps in relieving your hangover.

It’s often used in patients with acute alcohol poisoning.

5. Toxic mold

Mold causes skin irritation, nasal stuffiness, irritated throat, coughing and wheezing. It may also lead to poor immune response, depression, heart disease, vomiting and kidney/liver malfunction. Mold is everywhere. If you are dealing with toxic mold, make sure you do a detox. Take a capsule before you go to bed and do this until your symptoms disappear.

6. Filter water

Most water filtration systems use activated charcoal to filter water from solvents, industrial waste, pesticides and other toxins. It also removes fluoride from water. Activated charcoal filters are great for your health. That’s the only way to make sure you are drinking clean water without all the toxins, chemicals and fluoride.

7. Healthy GI tract

Toxins cause oxidative damage, poor immune response, allergic reactions and other issues. Detox your gastrointestinal tract to optimize your overall health.

First, take 10 grams of charcoal an hour and a half before your meals for two days. Eat fresh fruits and veggies, wild-caught fish and grass-fed meat. Drink a lot of water every half an hour if you deal with constipation.

8. Clear complexion

Activated charcoal can be used as a face detox as it improves your skin complexion.

Combine the powder of one capsule, two teaspoons of Aloe Vera gel and 2 drops of tea tree oil. Apply this on your face, and let it dry. Rinse.

9. Prevent premature aging

Activated charcoal supports the adrenal glands and prevents cellular damage to your liver and kidneys. Use it to cleanse your body and get rid of dangerous chemicals that lead to premature aging. Take two capsules each day after you have been exposed to toxins. It will help you reduce brain fog, boost your GI tract and optimize the function of your liver and kidneys.

10. Bug bites

Combine it with coconut oil, and apply the mixture on your insect bites. Apply another layer every half hour until the itching is gone.

If you have been bitten by a brown recluse or black widow, use more charcoal to prevent any damage before you go to your doctor.

Side effects

Activated charcoal is safe, but may interfere with the absorption of nutrients, supplements and prescription medications.

The product should be used under the direct supervision of a doctor, poison control center and other health care professionals. Elderly with slow digestion may deal with constipation when using larger amounts.

Activated charcoal doesn’t cause any side effects in pregnant women and nursing moms.

Don’t use it if your therapy includes Nalmefene, Naltrexon and Safinamide.

Buy the good product

Make sure the activated charcoal you are buying is made from coconut shells and doesn’t contain any additives, fillers or sweeteners.

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