5 Foot Exercises To Help Relieve Back, Hip, And Knee Pain In 20 Minutes or Less

You may ignore your feet and their needs, but truth is, your feet take you places and deserve all the attention in this world. Your feet are the most harder working parts of your body and they actually move all the time. Unfortunately, we squeeze them inside tight footwear and heals. Have you ever done a foot exercise? No? Here are some nice suggestions:

1. Toe presses

Warm up the muscles in your feet before doing any exercise. Toe presses are excellent option for this purpose. The movement relaxes your feet, providing a pleasant feeling. Stand tall and bend at your knees. Grip the ground with your toes and hold them in that position for three seconds. release and do 10 reps three times a day.

2. Toe walking

The “ballerina exercise” is actually good for everybody. Toe walking strengthens the muscles in your toes, and also engages the ligaments and muscles around the balls of your feet. Stand on your tiptoes and walk around for 20 seconds. Do a 10-second break and go again. Do 5 repetitions.

3. Ankle circles

Do you even pay attention to your ankle mobility and flexibility? Tight and restricted ankles force the body to compensate for their issues, leading to muscle and joint pain. If your ankles are too tight, you are likely to experience hip, back or knee pain.

To do this, lie on your back and elevate one leg. Rotate the ankle clockwise for 10 counts. Go in the opposite direction for 10 counts. Switch legs and repeat.

4. Resisted flexion

It targets tiny muscles in your feet that are hard to reach. They have an important role in your balance, and you have to maintain their balance in order to prevent injuries.

To do this, you have to get an exercise band first. Sit on the floor, and straighten your feet. Wrap the band around a chair or bedpost, and place it on your feet. Slide back until you notice a tension in the band. You should do this while sitting.

Flex your feet backward and hold in that position for 5 seconds. Release and do 10 reps.

5. Toe pencil pickup

You can do this anywhere and anytime. Get yourself a pen or pencil and place it in front of you. Try to grab it using your toes. Hold in this position for 10 seconds, and release the pen. Do 5 reps on each foot.

Combine these exercises into a healthy routine, and stick to it. Your feet will be grateful, and you will no longer deal with stubborn pain or discomfort. Find the best shoes for your feet, and don’t try to fit them in a bad shoe.

Your feet deserve the best, so try to give them the treatment they deserve. Consider doing a foot massage once in a while. It provides multiple benefits for your entire body.

You will need 20 minutes to complete this routine. For optimal results, do these exercises in one session every other day.

If you need a relief or a pain treatment, use pure magnesium oil to relieve any pain and inflammation.

Source: Real Farmacy