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20 Unusual Ways To Use Rosemary That Goes Way Beyond Cooking

Rosemary is a native to the
Mediterranean region, and it’s incredibly aromatic and full of flavor. This
herb is a common “resident” in gardens and homes.

Harvest and prep rosemary

You can clip off rosemary springs at any
time. Regular pruning will make your plant …

10 Reasons Activated Charcoal Should Be In Every Home

Activated charcoal is made from coal,
wood and other material. It becomes “activated” when producers combine high
temperature with an activating agent that expands its surface.

Egyptians and Sumerians produced
charcoal to reduce copper, zinc and tin ores in the production of bronze.
Egyptians …

12 Reasons Everyone Should Start Growing Lemon Balm

Lemon balm has a long list of benefits,
and the International Herb Association named it “Herb of the Year.” The herb is
also known as Melissa, and it can be used for almost anything.

It’s native to the East Mediterranean region and …

Experts Explain 12 Health Benefits of Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes come in different shapes
and colors, and you can find purple, white and orange sweet potatoes.

The starchy root veggie is packed with
fiber, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.

12 benefits of sweet potatoes

1. Nutritious

Sweet potatoes are abundant in vitamins, minerals and …