Homemade Turmeric & Ginger Iced Tea for Your Heart, Brain & Cells

Iced tea is the best drink in hot summer days, and it gets even better if you use organic ingredients to make it. Your body needs enough liquids in summer.

Wait, your body needs liquids in every day of the year.
Dehydration may lead to hypertension, elevated cholesterol, obesity, type 2 diabetes and even cancer.

Pure water is the best drink you will ever have, but sometimes it gets boring, right? That’s why we suggest you to try this turmeric ginger tea.

Turmeric can reverse the progress of heart disease. Curcimin, the active ingredient in turmeric, improves the function of the lining of your blood vessels (endothelium).

The yellow spice is good for your brain, too. A 2014 research has found that compounds in turmeric support neural stem cell growth in the brain by 80 percent when used in specific doses. This compound helps patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and stroke sufferers.

Ginger warms you up and provides an excellent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect. A group of Israeli researchers have found that ginger provides great benefits to your heart health. It prevents the oxidation of bad cholesterol and also prevents atherosclerosis.

Use ginger to increase the neurotransmitters in your brain. These neurotransmitters are responsible for your ability to remember, focus, sleep, concentrate and many other functions. According to statistics, over 86% of all American adults have low levels of neurotransmitters.

Honey makes your tea sweet and puts your hormones in order, especially if you are dealing with post-menopausal symptoms. Antioxidants in honey prevent cellular damage and loss of brain cells.

A research conducted at the University of Babylon, College of Medicine in Iraq, found that honey can prevent cognitive decline and even dementia. It also improves the cholinergic system and circulation of the brain.

• 1 cup + 3 cups of water (1 cup to steep, 3 to dilute)
• 4 tsp dried organic turmeric
• 4 tsp dried ginger (2’’ fresh ginger root)
• ¾ tsp black pepper
• ¼ cup honey
• 1 cup + 3 cups of water (1 cup to steep, 3 to dilute)
• 4 tsp dried organic turmeric
• 4 tsp dried ginger (2’’ fresh ginger root)
• ¾ tsp black pepper
• ¼ cup honey

Put your spices in a saucepan, and add a cup of water. Bring it to a boil. Turn the heat on low and simmer for additional 5 minutes. Turn off the heat, and add in your honey.

Steep your turmeric ginger tea for an hour or even overnight.
Strain it in the morning, and keep your tea in the fridge. You can also add three cups of water, and keep it in the fridge, too. Feel free to add more water or honey.

Many people ask about the role of black pepper. Freshly ground black pepper is really important for the absorption of curcumin. The human body isn’t designed to absorb curcumin in large amounts, and black pepper increases its bioavailability by 2,000 times. Always use freshly ground black pepper.

It’s also important that you buy organic ingredients. Beware of the fake stuff that’s sold in markets, and always buy your food from trusted sources. Use organic, unpasteurized honey. Avoid anything that contains added sugar.

Source: Fresh Bites Daily
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